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Pest Control for Rodents

We all know the saying that we all live only 30 feet from a rat and unfortunately that is probably true. It doesn’t matter where you live in a built up high density urban area or a secluded rural area rodents will be nearby. That’s acceptable (perhaps not ideal) until they start to come into our properties where they can do tremendous damage physical damage in the form of chewing through wood and cables or leaving droppings that are both unsightly and hazardous.

Here  at Bath and Bristol Environmental services we are trained to humanely remove these rodent pests and leave your property in a safe and non hazardous situation.

We can deal with one-off infestations in residential or commercial situations or we offer a repeat service where we protect your property. This is especially popular for our restaurant which tend to be a higher risk to rodent pests.

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Rat Pest Control Bristol and Bath

We can rid your home or business of rats and provide impartial advice on preventing re-infestations

Few things are considered less desirable to have running around in your home or business premises than rats.

As well as causing damage to your property by gnawing at wiring and structural wood, rats present a notorious risk to human health. Rats themselves and their droppings can spread disease to humans, such as salmonellosis, rat bite fever and leptospirosis.
Pest Control Rats

Rats are nocturnal and can therefore remain unseen for the most part; this paves the way for an infestation to develop rapidly.

Signs that you may have a developing infestation of rats include:

  • The presence of droppings, particularly around food or waste-disposal areas
  • Unexplained noises or scratching sounds at night
  • Evidence of damage to structural materials or wiring caused by gnawing
  • Piled nesting materials in hidden areas
  • Smudge marks along walls
  • Stray rodent hairs

Fortunately, Bath and Bristol Environmental Services are on hand to help with our 24 hour service. We can provide you with impartial advice if you suspect you have a rodent infestation, and our fully qualified technicians are on-hand to eliminate any infestation problem you may currently have, as well as provide advice on prevention strategies you can employ to avoid future problems with rodents.

Mice Pest Control Bristol and Bath

It is not just rats that can become a problem – Although mice may look cuter than their rat cousins, they can cause just as many problems within a home, both health and damage-related. Additionally, if you have a phobia of mice, you won’t be any more comfortable sharing your home with them than you would be with a rat!

There are two types of mouse that are commonly found inhabiting homes here in the UK: the light brown field mouse and the smaller brown or grey house mouse. Both species are of a size which allows them to get into wall cavities, through small holes and around the house without them necessarily being seen by occupants of the home.

As mice carry diseases they need to be removed at the earliest convenience once an infestation is discovered. It is also very important to locate the cause or point of entry for the infestation to be treated and to prevent it from happening again. Once on site our technicians can pinpoint the problem, whether it’s in the roof, vents or doors and make recommendations which can easily be implemented.

These are some signs that you may have a mouse infestation:

  • Droppings – Mice are unsanitary rodents, defecating frequently and leaving up to 80 droppings a night. Their droppings are small (around 3-8mm in length), dark and often found around food sources, including kitchen cabinets, bins, shelves and storage boxes.
  • Scratching sounds – Mice aren’t quiet rodents so listen for persistent scratching or tapping sounds as they scurry between walls and under floorboards.
  • Bite marks – Mice will gnaw at cardboard and other packaging to keep their teeth sharpened. Look out for small sawdust piles where they may have nibbled at furniture, floors or skirting boards as well as damaged packaging.
  • Urine – these rodents have weak bladders causing them to urinate frequently which leaves a trail and a very strong ammonia-like smell which is particularly noticeable in cupboards and lofts. The smell of urine can linger even after an infestation has been dealt with, which is why it’s important to address the problem.
  • Nests – Mice build nests from easy to shred materials, often located in lofts, suspended ceilings, cavity walls, under floorboards, behind fridges and in airing cupboards.

If you notice any signs of mice you should seek urgent professional mice control to avoid further damage to your home or business premises and the risk of diseases being spread. To get in touch with Bath and Bristol Environmental Services about mice removal, call us on 07938 614423

Squirrel rodent pest control Bristol and Bath

Squirrels can sometimes be a pest
A rat with a bushy tail! Squirrels are a pest that many of us have conflicted feelings about. Although they do look rather cute and can be perceived as essentially harmless, we know that the common grey squirrel carries diseases and was responsible for almost completely wiping out the native British red squirrel. Regardless of how you see them, there is no doubt that they do present a problem to homeowners.

Squirrel problems can be very serious and it’s clear that they can be more difficult to get rid of than other rodents. As soon as you notice any tell-tale signs such as droppings or the sounds which they make by moving about in the loft, get in touch with us so you can avoid dealing with their aggression alone.

Here at Bath and Bristol Environmental Services we use traps and poisons to deal with squirrels as it is illegal in the UK to catch one and release it back into the wild. Therefore we are required by law to dispatch it, which we do as humanely as possible. Once all signs of squirrels have been removed we will carry out repairs to ensure that the access points which they were using are blocked off to preven a reoccurrence of the problem.


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